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Teaching Attributes


passionate & dedicated

creative & hard-working

collaborates & communicates well

excellent listening skills

compassionate, friendly, & approachable

organized & prepared

reliable & flexible

My Philosophy

The education a student receives can have a profound affect on the adult they become. As a teacher, it is essential to provide all students the skills to become a thriving individual who can give back to society. In my classroom, it is imperative that all children regardless of gender, race, religion or socio-economic status have a safe and positive learning environment where they can flourish and express their individuality.  It is my responsibility to make every student comfortable and at ease in their own classroom by embracing their own culture and respectfully learning about each other’s.


As an art educator, I believe my role is to build a solid art foundation that allows young adults to grow, express their creative nature, develop skills to become an innovative thinker, and expose students to the arts in our community.


As in any classroom, students will bring their own learning skills, culture, history and experiences to a classroom community. The language that is used in the classroom needs to be respectful, conscious and intentional. I expect my students to follow the classroom rules and be respectful, safe and kind in our classroom everyday. I will guide my students in becoming proactive learners and problem solvers. Through self-discovery and growth, students will become respectful, innovative, creative, and confident individuals.


I know I can bring compassion, positivity, and motivation to every student and faculty member that I will have the opportunity to work with. I will share my enthusiasm for art and teaching every day to inspire students.

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